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Crib Mattresses  

Organic Crib Mattresses and Organic Crib Bedding. 

Infants sleep up to 18 hours a day and toddlers often spend waking time and nap time resting or playing in their crib. Because your baby will spend so much time in their bed, you want to make sure you invest in the cleanest, healthiest, and most comfortable sleep environment during these early years. Organic crib mattresses and organic bedding from PJ’s Sleep Company in Los Angeles ensure that your baby will sleep comfortably in a healthful environment.

We offer Ivy Organics crib mattresses for infants and toddlers in two types: organic latex crib mattress or innerspring crib mattresses. All Ivy Organics mattresses are made from organically grown plants and trees and each mattress is handcrafted in Southern California. They are designed to safely support a growing body to giving them the best possible start in life. All of Ivy Organics mattresses meet federal flame retardant requirements without the use of any chemicals or barriers resulting in no chemical off gassing of any kind. 

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