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Organic Latex Mattresses 

Organic Latex mattresses feature an organic latex core surrounded by comfort layers of certified organic material. 

Organic Latex mattresses are constructed with an organic latex support system at the core surrounded with comfort layers of certified organic material.  Additional layers may include organic latex, certified organic cotton, and certified organic wool.  The organic latex layers vary in the type of latex as well as thickness to achieve desired firmness of the mattress.  We offer organic latex mattresses by Savvy Rest, Ivy Organics, OMI Organicpedics, and Natura. 

Organic latex mattress models differ in the number and thickness of layers as well as the type of organic latex used in the layers (either Talalay or Dunlop).  Everyone has different needs when they sleep and by providing you with many options, you’ll discover a mattress with the desired balance of support and softness you need for a healthful sleep.  In many cases, the layers are customizable. 

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