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About us

Welcome to PJs Sleep Company

PJs Sleep Company is a woman owned business that has served the Southern California community since 1994. The owner, Ivy Fradin, believes if she takes care of her customers they will refer PJs Sleep Company and the business will grow organically. Indeed, the business has grown exponentially without any gimmicky advertising that many of her competitor’s scream on TV or splash all over their windows. Ivy believes the gimmicks that constantly allege “sale prices” are an insult to the intelligence of the consumer. PJs has become known for our No Haggle Policy which states “For those of you who need to haggle, we will gladly raise the price so we can give you a discount”. Customers often remark how much they appreciate PJs transparency particularly after reading the No Haggle Policy posted all over the store. Every effort is made to find quality products and sell them at very competitive prices. Ivy’s philosophy is to provide the best possible prices up front.

The products consist of everything you can think of for the bedroom or related to sleep and relaxation. There are national brand name mattresses along with quality bedroom sets. PJs has accessories for the bedroom such as fountains, fire places, candles, pajamas, mirrors and more. PJs is truly a “Unique Bedroom Store For Less”.

The sales crew at PJs Sleep Company has been trained by each factory that has products displayed in the showroom and on the web site. Employee compensation includes 100% paid health insurance, and salary. This means that the sales people at PJs Sleep Company are non-commissioned and dedicated to helping the customer find the right product. Customers are encouraged to contact Ivy directly if they have a concern that is not handled to their satisfaction. Every effort is made to make sure customers are happy with their purchase and experience at PJs Sleep Company.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our values.



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