Modern Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas 

The latest design trends have all begun to support one major idea: sustainable living. Raw materials, construction methods, and finished products are designed to have minimal environmental impact. Many rooms have also begun to fulfill more than one purpose in the house in order to conserve space and promote functionality within the walls of our homes. Utility and ease are considered equally necessary these days, so furniture and housewares need to fit neatly into the lives of the residents and provide some benefit beyond their surface function.

Below are a few ideas to think about when you're planning your next bedroom design improvement. Keep in mind that small changes can have big payoffs, and you don't need to redesign everything all at once. Part of being green is thinking about our consumer habits instead of spending our money indiscriminately. If an addition improves your life in a significant way and has the added bonus of making mindful use of resources, it's worth bringing into your home.

1.       Organic

Organic furniture and bedding, especially mattresses, can lighten the load of toxic chemicals you are breathing in every night. Mattresses and bedding come in many styles to complement your decor, from ultra-sleek modern to cozy country inn. Unlike conventional mattresses, organic models don't pollute the environment during manufacture and disposal, nor do they out-gas methylene chloride, a known health hazard, while in your home. If you wouldn't accept pollution in your food, why accept it in your bed?

2.       Sustainable

Equally important as organic practices is the concept of sustainability. This means choosing materials from wood to textiles that have been grown and harvested in ways that are beneficial to the surrounding environment and community. Crops are harvested from rapid-growing plants that don't cause lasting damage to the soil. Organic mattresses are made with cotton fibers, wool, and natural latex; all of which can be harvested safely and economically.

3.       Re-homed

Re-homed furniture is the ultimate in recycling. You are saving something from the landfill and adding a distinctive item to your home decor. It's not always the best idea for stuffed furniture, but wood or metal furniture (or even molded plastic retro chairs) can be picked up second-hand and restored inexpensively. A funky garage sale piece can add some personality to an otherwise staid bedroom. Don't worry about a piece not fitting in by anyone else's standards. If it works for you, it works.

4.       Multifunctional

One of the biggest architectural and design trends for 2013 is creating multifunctional spaces. More people are choosing smaller homes that are closer to work and downtown areas for convenience. Others are making space in single-family dwellings for another generation, whether in the form of elderly parents or post-grad children returning home. The bedroom office has been a staple for busy professionals, and recent developments are turning ordinary bedrooms into luxury hotel suites with Wi-Fi, entertainment centers, spa features, and even coffee bars. Your bedroom can now be command central; the place from which you plan and run your day, and the retreat from life where you can relax and refresh yourself when the day is over.

5.       Serene

Whether you work out of a bedroom office or keep that room strictly for sleeping and relaxation, it should be a place of calm and serenity. It doesn't really matter what color scheme you use as long as those colors signify relaxation and peace to you. Similarly, if you like to unwind staring at a vivid spiral of colors, don't go with oatmeal and morning gray instead simply because a magazine suggests it. Relaxation is relative; some people like contemplating a rock garden, while others would rather rock out. Make your bedroom your personal sanctuary. Just because you sleep there doesn't mean the decor needs to be snooze worthy.

Overall, design trends have been moving from opulent to comfortable and toward innovative solutions for the homeowner who never seems to have enough time or space. Square footage is shrinking, families are growing, and everybody is trying to get along better with less, and to preserve space without taking up more than their fair share. The new modern bedroom is one that provides relaxation and comfort while supporting your busy lifestyle and your health in ways that are both functional and environmentally conscious.



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