Go Green with Your Bedroom: Design Ideas Using Organic Products

As one of the most popular design trends rightnow, switching over to organically grown textiles and furniture is a fun new outlet for your creative eye. Organic pieces are often more interesting from a design standpoint because they are not mass-produced, and are often unique from one another. They are also more attractive to eco-conscious shoppers because they have a smaller environmental impact than conventional items. Incorporating organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products into your home isn't merely a style fad, though. It's good for the environment, good for your health, and it can add an element of style to your bedroom that says both "comfortable" and "conscious."

1.       Mattress and Pillows

Conventional mattresses are made out of polyurethane foam and various petroleum-based materials. These materials create pollution during the manufacturing process and then go on to occupy premium landfill space after their useful life is over. After a mattress is purchased, it also releases toxins such as methylene chloride that you can breathe in during your slumber.

Organic mattresses and pillows can eliminate a significant portion of your daily toxic intake and give your room style and comfort at the same time. Organic mattresses are available in different styles, with and without springs, in a wide range of prices. The most expensive model is not necessarily going to be the right one for you, but do keep in mind that paying a slightly higher price up front for organic goods is more than recompensed over their years of use. Buy the best bed you can, not simply for comfort, but also because it's an investment in your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and immune systems’ health. A higher quality bed will also last longer, saving you even more money in the long run.

2.       Linens

Beautiful bed linens are available in organic cotton, hemp, silk, and linen. Textures vary from nubbly and rustic cozy flannel to cool sateen and crisp percale. Sheets, blankets, throw pillows, duvet covers, and draperies to match are available in several organically grown fibers. Some are dyed with biodegradable, nontoxic vegetable or mineral pigments, which create a range of warm, earthy colors. You can find organic linens with very high thread counts and decadent finishes if that is the vision for your bedroom, but you can also find reasonably priced and practical organic bedding options to work with your current decor.

3.       Furniture

Green furniture is often made with a sustainably harvested or recycled material. It can also be a new item made from raw materials that replenish quickly and cause no undue or long-term harm to the environment. The finishes are non-toxic so that there are no chemical emissions during the manufacturing process or in your home. If you know exactly what you want but can't find it anywhere, talk to your local retailer about custom furniture choices. You can get an original design, created with love by an artisan, often out of reused or locally available materials.

4.       Floor

Cover your floor with sustainably harvested, organically grown woven rugs or sisal mats. If you're putting down wood flooring, consider bamboo or another rapid-growth crop or repurposed wood from a demolished building. Your contractor can give you details on the best sources of re-sourced wood in your area. If your bedroom, like so many, is divided into functional areas (office, breakfast nook, gym, meditation corner), you can use floor coverings to mark those areas or create a path from one section to the next.

5.       Walls

Even your walls can go green with environmentally friendly paint brands. These indoor and outdoor paints are made without heavy metals. The price may be a little higher than conventional paints, but eco-friendly paint performs just as well minus the health risks. The color palette includes rich, dark shades as well as the standard pastels, so you can let your inner decorator shine.

Also, never underestimate the effect of fresh flowers. Compostable, interchangeable, and beautiful, they are a quintessential green accessory.The possibilities for green decorating are limitless, but you don't have to completely update your home all at once to take a turn toward organic. Take on the big itemsas your budget allows, and try to make little, incremental changes as you go along your way. A new pillow, for example, or an area rug made out of bamboo or organic cotton can make a remarkable change in the way you feel about your home and also how you feel about yourself. 



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