4 Reasons to Purchase an Organic Mattress

Green products, whether they are organic, sustainable, energy saving, or some combination of those, are becoming much more popular and readily available as more consumers educate themselves on what they are really buying. As we become more aware of the importance of conservation and the effects of various chemicals found in everyday products we use, making educated consumer choices is increasingly important. Below are a few good reasons why your next mattress should be a green one.

1.       Better for You and Your Family

Conventional mattresses release toxic gases, including methylene chloride; a substance linked to such health issues as loss of memory, headaches, dizziness, and liver and kidney failure. This is a byproduct of the polyurethane foam that makes up most of the mattress. Conventional mattresses contain several other chemicals as flame retardants as well: boric acid, antimony, and decabromodiphenyl oxide, to name a few. These chemicals aren’t exactly safe for us to be around, and some of them are known carcinogens.

The simple switch to organic bedding can make a big difference in your health right now and far into the future. If you share your home with a baby, small child, pet, or someone with a respiratory ailment, the effects of mattress pollutants are even more dangerous. If you're concerned about getting adequate back support from an organic mattress, there are several options to choose from in terms of firmness and construction. You may prefer to order online, but if possible, check out mattresses in person before you buy so you can get the perfect bed for both your body and your budget.

2.       Better for the Environment

Conventional mattresses are made of polyurethane foam and synthetic rubber. They release toxic chemicals into the water, soil, and atmosphere from their production in factories to their ultimate disposal in the landfill. During a mattress's functional life it can pollute the air of your bedroom with noxious vapors.

An organic mattress, on the other hand, is made of cotton fibers grown without pesticides, organic latex, and wool, which is processed without chemicals. Harvest and production do little or no net damage to the environment, and when an organic mattress has ended its long, supportive life, its components can be composted or recycled. It's healthier for you, and it's healthier for the rest of the planet, too.

3.       Excellent Value

Organic mattresses are made of high-quality materials using superior construction methods. They are designed to last as long if not longer than a conventional foam mattress. Organic latex has a natural resiliency which ensures that organic latex mattresses hold their shape and firmness for years. The initial price tag on an organic mattress may be higher than what you've been paying for budget conventional mattresses at big box retailers, but trust that you are getting lasting value for this price. Remember, the up-front cost of a conventional mattress is not the ultimate price you will pay in the potential health issues and ecological damage that results from a conventional mattress purchase. 

4.       Luxurious Comfort

Not everything that's good for you has to involve a sacrifice. Both organic blueberries and an organic mattress are dually beneficial options in the organic world. Both feel like decadence, but they have tremendous health benefits all the same. An organic mattress offers comfortable support for enduring back health and no toxic chemicals to inhale. It adds beauty and simplicity to any decor. So go ahead and indulge yourself and also gain the ultimate of health-conscious, pesticide-free, environmentally sensitive bliss.

These are only some of the excellent reasons to choose an organic mattress over a conventional one. Switching to organic bedding is a logical step in the process of reducing toxins in your life and giving yourself the gift of lasting health. It's a winning solution for you and the rest of the planet, with no appreciable downside. Organic mattresses are comfortable, durable, breathable, and free of toxins. They are suitable for people of all ages, but younger and smaller family members will benefit the most from a lifetime free of contaminants. If you've been looking for a good reason to stay with your old mattress instead of upgrading to a more natural and healthful night's sleep, you may want to stop looking and lay down for a nap on an organic mattress instead.



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