What Is an Organic Mattress?

Your kitchen and pantry are full of healthy organic products. Possibly your bathroom is as well, but what about your bedroom? Good health habits shouldn't stop at the kitchen table. If you suffer from environmental allergies or respiratory disease, if you are concerned about your overall toxic load, and especially if you have or will soon have a child in the house, you might want to consider upgrading to an organic mattress.

mattress is a big purchase, but it's where you will spend a large chunk of your life, so you want to make the best choice available. In today's modern world, the most popular choice among purchasers is increasingly becoming organic. For all the reasons you have begun to remove toxic chemicals from your food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, you should consider banishing them from your bed as well. To cover your organic mattress you can go for organic sheets as well.Beautiful, durable linens in pesticide-free cotton and hemp will distribute heat evenly in your bed and allow healthy air flow while maintaining your overall health.

What's wrong with conventional mattresses?

Standard mattress ingredients include polyurethane foam in differing densities, fire-retardant chemicals and blended synthetic latex. Almost allof the materials release molecules of toxic vapor over time. This is called off-gassing, and it means you're breathing in questionable chemicals every night right from your mattress. Polyurethane is a popular material because it is extremely inexpensive, but it contains methylene chloride, among other toxic substances. Long-term exposure to methylene chloride has been linked to nervous system disorders, memory loss, headaches, and dizziness. It has even been shown to cause liver and kidney damage in animal studies.

What are organic mattresses made of?

Organic mattresses are made of wool, cotton that is grown without pesticides, and natural latex. Cotton is a breathable, cool fiber, and wool is naturally resistant to mildew, bacteria, and fire. There are no chemicals to off-gas, just the sweet-smell of nature. Organic mattresses are made of high-quality materials and constructed to last for years without sagging. Some of them have spring construction, whereas others are built with a solid block of fibers or organic latex. They can work with many kinds of frames, including the popluar platform bed.

Why Should You Choose Organic?

There are three excellent reasons to choose organic products over conventional ones, and these general reasons apply to your furniture and mattress purchases as well.

1.       They Are Better for You

All-natural, organic mattresses can improve your short- and long-term health by allowing you to breathe deeply at night without inhaling toxins. Breathable, natural-fiber mattresses also give your body a break; they do not have the sagging problems you will experience with a conventional mattress, and cotton and wool don't trap mildew and bacteria the way synthetic materials can. A lot of complex processes occur while you're sleeping; and one of these processes is cleaning out toxic material from your tissues. Imagine how much more effective this will be if you aren't simultaneously taking in deep breaths of methylene chloride and other substances included in conventional processing.

2.       They Are Better for the Planet

Polyurethane foam production releases large quantities of pollution into the water and atmosphere. Organic cotton crops and sheep have no such impact. In addition to the waste from production and manufacturing, all these conventional mattresses have a final chapter in their lives that involves taking up space and leaching chemicals in landfills. Polyurethane mattresses are bulky, toxic, and slow to degrade. From farm to final compost, organic mattresses leave very little behind that can't be reused safely.

3.       Better for Everyone You Live With

Removing toxic bedding from your home gives everyone a better night's sleep. Babies, small children, and pets are the most affected by out-gassing of these chemicals post-production, but adults can benefit from this lighter toxic load as well. Organic mattresses are available in all sizes for everyone in your family, so creating a cohesively organic home is possible.

There are several types of organic mattress available to fit your preferences and budget. The prices may seem high if you're used to buying conventional budget mattresses at the big box retailers, but when you add up the hidden costs of you and your family's health andthe pollution and disposal of conventional mattresses, there's really only one practical choice: go organic. Find the mattress style that will work for you and get ready to relax in a cleaner, healthier bedroom.



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